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Memorial Day is Upon Us!! – May 31, 2021

We are very pleased to be offering you a unique opportunity that not only provides a fantastic product mix and a beautiful Red, White, and Blue box, but also an opportunity to help those who have served and protected the USA and are now homeless. For every box sold, $50 will go to “Helping Hands Healing Heroes”, who we are formally collaborating with. The best part – you can rest assured that the money will get to the Veterans who need it, and not into the pockets of corporate non-profits who bleed the bottom line. Package includes:

  • (1) TRANSCEND Gummy Pack (20 count)
  • (1) Bottle of FRESH Tablets (25 count)
  • (1) Premium PENETRATE Salve
  • (1) TRANSCEND Vape Cartridge
  • (1) RESTORE Vape Cartridge
  • (1) SILO Vape Battery

Six solid products in total!  We have 1000 boxes available that will convert to a $50,000 donation!   Let’s do this thing!!!

Club Nirvana Flower

Nirvana Gold – Raw Flower (comes in ⅛ oz)

  • Strain – “NIRVANA GOLD” 31.06 THC, 36.83 total cannabinoids 

5-Pack of Club Nirvana Pre-Rolls

  • Strain: “NIRVANA ZEN” 27.89% Total THC (30.27% THCA, 1.339% delta 9-THC) – Total Cannabinoids = 32.82

3-Gram Canna Premium Cigars w/ CN Torch 

6-Gram Canna Luxury Cigars (same THC as 3-Gram)

  • Strain: “NIRVANA ZEN” – 26.02% Total THC (27.87% THCA, 1.582% delta 9-THC)

Optimize Your Endocannabinoid System

What if over the next 90 days you were able to experience less stress and anxiety, the best quality sleep, a stronger immune system, less aches and pains, an increased metabolism, and general happiness, health, and well-being all the time?

Club Nirvana has defined what a perfect 90 days of cannabis product consumption might look like. Safe, perfectly dosed, and designed to optimize your endocannabinoid system to maintain optimal internal, physical, and chemical conditions of your both your body and mind (i.e homeostasis).

This RESET program is available on our web-store right now, but you can expect more details to be released next week.

Club Nirvana REBUILD RSO

  • Rick Simpson Oil For Advanced Issues and Ailments

We have your advanced issues and ailments covered. “RSO” stands for ‘Rick Simpson Oil“, which is really more of a product category than a specific product itself. Our Full Spectrum REBUILD RSO was specifically formulated for Club Nirvana’s customer-base, and there is no doubt it will be positively life changing for many. At a 10:1 ratio structure, with 10 parts THC (607.6 mg per dispenser), and 1 part CBD (68.16 mg THC), CN REBUILD RSO will be a flagship product that properly serves customers with advanced medical ailments and circumstances for years to come.