Club Nirvana 90 Day RESET Program (30-day supply)


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Club Nirvana


Through some very thoughtful analysis, Club Nirvana has defined what a perfect day of cannabis product consumption might look like. Leveling out the average person’s endocannabinoid system was GOAL #1, but what that means to you is obviously the most critical factor if you’re going to take us up on this path to seeking personal optimization.

So first, this exercise is NOT about “being high” all the time. In fact, we do not suggest that you carry out any day “high” at all. Instead, this is about being the best you, feeling great, embracing optimism, and being awesome every day! Who doesn’t want to feel good, sleep well, be kind to those around us, maintain optimal productivity, and reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation, bloating, and sore muscles?

Through the daily systemic use of only three Club Nirvana Products: our SOOTHE Tablets (take 1 at breakfast), RESTORE Tincture (taken .5 ml twice a day at 12 noon and 4:00 pm), and SLEEP Tablets (taken 1 hour before your desired bedtime) – beginning to be the best you is only days away.