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Our very best Gummy Cubes selection for you to have and enjoy at your fingertips. You will feel great every time you enjoy any of these gummies. They are infused with beneficial cannabinoids to help you feel your best! This includes all new RESTORE XT, TRANSCEND, TRANSCEND XT, and SLEEP Gummy Cubes.

RESTORE XT – Feel less pain and more like yourself with RESTORE XT Gummy Cubes. These CBD gummies are excellent for reducing muscle soreness and joint pain as well as leveling your mood so you feel less of any discomfort.

TRANSCEND – Unwind and relax with these delicious tangy citrus gummies. Feel a general sense of relaxation and stimulation. You may find that you are creative, refreshed or just feeling good.

TRANSCEND XT – Perfect for recreational fun or weekend relaxation. Feel less stressed, more relaxed while feeling creative and happy. They may help alleviate moderate to chronic pain associated with illnesses and to help increase appetite and promote restful sleep.10 mg THC + .5 mg CBD

SLEEP – Infused with 5 mg of CBN which has a gentle relaxing and sedating effect, these gummies help your body and mind to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep throughout the night