Holiday FESTIVE Bundle (Black Friday Special – 20% off)


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The Holiday Season is here!!! Besides a 15% discount off the total value of the included products, the Club Nirvana Holiday FESTIVE Bundle defines precisely what you’re in for – “festive” results across the board. Each product is rich in THC, which translates to you the opportunity to relax, unwind, cook, go shopping, and generally create a joyous Holiday Season. Aside from the ever-popular TRANSCEND Gummies, TRANSCEND and CREATE vaporization cartridges, and our tremendously popular CN SILO Battery (for consuming the cartridges), we have also included the newest addition to our product line, the CN Cannabis Infused Beef Jerky Links (Grass-fed beef, gluten-free, 10 mg of THC in each link). Early feedback has exceeded expectations, and you simply need to try these jerky links to find out for yourself. Fantastic gift idea! Happy Holidays to All!!