REBUILD RSO (607.6 mg THC, 68.16 mg CBD)



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Club Nirvana
60.76 %
6.82 %


Club Nirvana Premium Full Spectrum RSO is a full extract cannabis oil designed for oral or topical use. This proprietary “REBUILD” RSO, which has a pure 10:1 – THC:CBD ratio, was produced using a wide variety of prime whole flower strains in order to offer our customers an optimal amount of comfort and healing potential. RSO is often used by people who need a continued medical effect and symptom relief over a long period of time. The 1 gram dispenser contains 60.76% (607.6 mg) THC, 6.82% (68.16 mg) CBD, 2.41% (24.14 mg) THCV, 1.53% (15.27 mg) CBG, and 1.18% (11.83 mg) CBC, for a total cannabinoid content of 72.70% (727 mg) – ~50 servings (servings may vary depending on preference and usage)